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Driveway and Sidewalk Cleaning

The black and green residue on your concrete or paver surfaces is mold & algae. When you walk on it you are tracking the spores into your home and car. We use the Whisper Wash, a 20" best in industry,  made in the USA professional grade flat surface cleaner because it does a phenomenal job and will not leave a striped look  when the job is completed. 

Standard 2-car driveway & all front sidewalks $75-- 3-car from $95
Corner lots and extra concrete slabs can be priced upon inspection
A New Look Pressure Washing Services
At A New Look Pressure Washing we take pride in providing customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. No two jobs are alike, so tell us what you need cleaned and we will go to work
Pool Cage & Deck
White cage frames can look old and unsightly when mold & mildew builds up on the painted surfaces - our standard cleaning (inside & outside) will return the entire structure to its original, like new condition. Restore the lustre to your deck surface at the same time.  

Standard 12' x 24' pool - cage and deck $125 - larger areas will incur a slight cost increase. If you only need the deck cleaned we can do just that too.  
Home Exterior and Fences
Is your vinyl siding or stucco turning green & black? One of our favorite jobs, because within a few hours your home will look like it was newly painted. We also enjoy restoring wood and vinyl fences to their original, just installed look. Don't spend thousands to replace it, give us a call and we will safely clean it. 

Home Exterior Cleaning - single story only, no multi-level 
1500-2000sf single story home  $150-200
Mobile Homes starting at $100

Fences (vinyl or wood 50' minimum) 
50ft-75ft    $1.o0 per running foot
76ft+         $.75 cents per running foot